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Edbro tipping gear proves its worth to aggregates supplier

Edbro tipping gear

Lightweight CX15 cylinder still working reliably for Summerleaze after 15 years of arduous duty

WITH long-term reliability and minimal service requirements being key considerations for tipping gears in the demanding aggregates sector, JOST can point to a vehicle in the Summerleaze fleet which is still operating reliably with its original Edbro CX15 tipping gear – 15 years after first going into service. The truck is currently making 10 trips a day, five days a week, carrying a full load of ballast from the one quarry to another for processing.

The roadstone quarry run is being undertaken by a Foden Alpha 8x4 tipper, purchased in 2001 and powered by a Caterpillar C10 engine. This was a very popular tipper chassis back in its day, and the fact that it is still running is testament not only to the build quality, but also to Summerleaze’s workshop where the company carries out its own vehicle servicing.


Just as impressive is the fact that the Edbro CX15 tipping gear, which was originally specified with the vehicle, is still operating with the same pump and power take-off (PTO). According to JOST, during its 15-year operating life on the Foden, the tipping gear has not required any work or repairs.

Steve Cook, transport manager for Summerleaze, commented: ‘I was told that Edbro cylinders are ‘fit and forget’ – and I can certainly confirm that is true. The Foden Alpha is still making regular quarry runs despite being the oldest vehicle in our fleet. The fact that the cylinder is still operating after all this time beggars belief.’

This demonstrable longevity fits in perfectly with Summerleaze’s commitment to long-term reliability and durability. The company focuses on buying high-quality equipment that, when properly maintained in its own workshop, will give the longest possible service life.

Likewise, knowing that their tipping gear is likely to be used in harsh environments, and that breakdowns can bring production to a complete halt, Edbro’s design team sets out to achieve long-term reliability by designing out any component that would be likely to have a limited operating life.

According to Peter Angell of JOST, the attention to detail in the design is matched by complete thoroughness during manufacture. He said: ‘All of our manufacturing is to a very high standard and we do 100% end-of-line testing of every cylinder that we make. The Edbro and JOST names are synonymous with quality and reliability because of our ongoing commitment to these procedures.’


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