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New Holland have also introduced an innovative alternative to conventional long-reach equipment with the launch of their E215-ME ‘Multi-Function’.

The ‘multi-function’ attachment comprises four elements, the first two being the boom and dipper of a standard E215 excavator, with the third and fourth boom elements then added using a special support to give the unit its long-reach capability.

The long-reach equipment is easily disassembled, allowing the machine to be quickly converted back to its standard configuration for digging operations and other tasks. Features and advantages of the multi-function attachment include: a wider working range compared with conventional long-reach attachments; the versatility to tackle a greater range of jobs, such as ditch and river cleaning, slope finishing, maintenance and weeding, as well as digging and material handling; transformation from long-reach to standard configuration, or vice versa, in less than 3h; and controls and boom piping to operate either a hydraulic hammer or cutter/crusher fitted as standard.


In long-reach configuration, the machine offers a maximum digging reach of 15.1m, a maximum digging depth of 12.9m, a maximum digging height of 9.6m, and a maximum dumping height of 7.64m. Maximum bucket capacity is 0.45m3.


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