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MPA welcomes Government register for Aggregates Levy

Nigel Jackson

Association says businesses and sites registered for Aggregates Levy increases transparency and accountability of industry 

THE Mineral Products Association (MPA) has welcomed the Government’s publication of the first register of business and sites registered for the Aggregates Levy. 

Following a request from the MPA, MPA Northern Ireland and MPA Scotland during the recent Aggregates Levy review, the Government register is an important step in the right direction, improving transparency of which businesses are registered for and paying the Levy will allow industry, customers and clients to check that aggregates supply is legally compliant.


To date, there has been continuing concern that some suppliers have been evading the Levy and, therefore, undermining reputable and law-abiding aggregates businesses. Whilst Levy evasion may not a big problem in the context of total UK Aggregates Levy receipts, local and regional markets, however, can be undermined by Levy evasion and it is vital that these markets operate fairly. 

It is also apparent that some suppliers who evade the Aggregates Levy are more likely to be operating to poor health and safety, and environmental standards which, in turn, hinders the sustainability of supply and acknowledged improvement in the industry’s overall environmental performance.

MPA chief executive Nigel Jackson commented: ‘The publication of the register is further and welcome progress in the transparency of aggregates supply. In particular, we would recommend that all customers and clients check that their aggregates supplies are sourced from businesses who are registered for the Aggregates Levy, as this is a key aspect of a sustainable supply chain.’


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