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Mortar market regains lost ground


BDS report shows growth of more than 20% over the last three years, largely due to recovery in house building

SINCE the recession, the market for factory-produced mortar has shown generally consistent growth over the last decade, largely off the back of the recovery in the house-building market.

With very little published data available on the size of the market, the operating companies and their manufacturing plants, leading industry consultancy BDS Marketing Research have completed an update to their periodic report ‘Estimated Outputs of Mortar Plants in Great Britain’.


The size of the market is approaching 3 million tonnes per annum, a level not seen since towards the end of the last decade, and shows growth of more than 20% over the last three years.

The proportion of the market accounted for by dry-silo mortar has also grown in relation to the previous share held by ready-to-use mortar.

The report provides a detailed analysis of around 60 dedicated mortar factories across all 10 regional markets in Great Britain, producing either dry-silo mortar or ready-to-use products. Estimated outputs are provided for each plant with market shares provided by company at county, regional and national level.

The report also identifies 14 mortar factories that have closed in recent years, offset only partly by four new plant openings, as well as providing details of consented plants that have yet to be developed.

Whilst focusing on dedicated mortar factories, the report also takes into account a proportion of the market supplied by independent ready-mixed concrete and screed companies, each of which produces only relatively small amounts of mortar.

BDS say the report provides a detailed market analysis which will be of value to mortar producing companies, suppliers of services and plant, companies looking to get involved in the market and other industry observers.

For further details, contact: Andy Sales at BDS Marketing Research Ltd; email: [email protected]; or tel: (01761) 433035.


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