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Morris Site Machinery deliver perpetual light

SMC Solar-2 solar lighting tower

SMC Solar-2 tower light generates more power each day than it needs for each night of operation

FOLLOWING the launch of their SMC Solar-2, Britain’s first solar-powered tower light, in autumn 2013, Morris Site Machinery have recently announced a ground-breaking performance statistic.

Developed over a three-year period, the SMC Solar-2 has superseded the performance levels achieved by earlier prototypes with recent tests proving that the tower generates more power each day through its solar panels than it needs for each night of operation, achieving an excess power-to-requirement ratio.

In the two-month-long test the SMC Solar-2 ran autonomously, coming on each night for between 8–10 hours via a photocell light sensor, without any human intervention or assistance from an outside power or fuel source.

These latest results further augment the company’s ambition to remain at the forefront in offering an environmentally friendly, zero-emissions, zero-run cost and zero-noise lighting tower for the industry.  

Compared with a standard lighting tower, based on an average of 12 hours a day operating across 260 working days per year, Solar-2 can save operators more than £4,000 per tower on fuel and maintenance costs, say Morris Site Machinery.

‘We continually review our products and place them into a series of test scenarios which allow us to challenge and review performance, looking at how we can improve, enhance and develop them further,’ explained managing director Phil Winnington.

‘This latest result proved exceptional and even though we were confident in the machine’s ability, we were delighted to see it achieving an indefinite run. Moreover, this result came from a UK-based test, so when operating in countries with higher levels of solar radiation the running capabilities of this product are virtually unlimited.’

Designed, built and developed in Great Britain by the team at Morris Site Machinery, the pioneering solar lighting tower provides a 100% fuel saving and, importantly, emits zero CO2 and zero noise.

The SMC Solar-2 also benefits from four high-lumens LED bulbs, providing a clean crisp light with 360° coverage, whilst its fully adjustable tower and mount heads ensure that light is directed where required to keep teams working safely.

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