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Mogensen for Multiserv

Mogensen have recently delivered a Type S1036 Sizer to the Templeborough Works of Multiserv (SR) Ltd, formerly known as Slag Reduction Ltd. The machine, which is to replace an old screen that is at the end of its life, will be carrying out the arduous duty of screening abrasive slag containing steel.

The Sizer, which will be working in closed circuit with a crusher with a view to recovering the maximum possible amount of steel, will be handling 120 tonnes/h of –75mm slag to remove approximately 30 tonnes/h of fines.

The 1.0m wide Sizer is fitted with three screen decks and is driven by two Invicta Type BL 40-35/6 rotary electric vibrators. The machine was purpose designed for the application and incorporates replaceable wear-resistant liners in areas subject to high levels of abrasion.


This latest S1036 is one of numerous Mogensen units operated by the Multiserv Group both in the UK and overseas. Mogensen have been supplying equipment to Multiserv for over 30 years.



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