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Mips and Arco put their heads together


New head protection education partnership to improve knowledge and awareness around head injuries

MIPS, a world leader in helmet-based safety technology, have announced an education partnership on head protection with UK safety experts Arco. The announcement comes just a couple of weeks before Hard Hat Awareness Week 2022 (13–19 June).

The education partnership will aim to improve knowledge and awareness around head injuries and their possible causes on construction sites, how incidents occur, and what happens, or could happen, to the head in a fall.


Arco and Mips will collaborate on various initiatives, working closely with safety professionals, end-users, and industry institutions, and both companies will continue to offer expert advice on the different levels of protection that safety helmets can give the wearer and the role hard hat technology can play, providing employers and workers with a better understanding of what good head protection requires.

Mips, who are already firmly established and well known in the field of sports helmets, are now establishing a strong customer base with their new safety helmet category.

The patented Mips safety system is designed to help reduce rotational motion to the head caused by certain angled impacts. A low-friction layer inside the safety helmet allows multi-directional movement of 10–15mm on certain angled impacts, intended to help reduce rotational force to the head.

Arco, the UK’s only integrated services and safety products company, are one of the leading suppliers of PPE, workwear, and safety products, offering an extensive range of more than 200,000 individual items.

Alex Turgoose, PPE product and procurement manager at Arco, said: ‘Head injuries are a major problem in the workplace. We are seeing momentum in demand for products equipped with the Mips safety system from Arco customers, as more manufacturers incorporate the patented Mips helmet-based technology into their safety helmets.

‘As experts in safety, we understand that each business faces its own unique and complex challenges when managing workplace health and safety. We are passionate about raising awareness of safety risks through expert advice and guidance on hazards, compliance, and best practice to our customers large and small.

‘It’s important to us, as an expert safety partner for more than 25,000 customers, that we help educate them to identify, monitor, and reduce the risk associated with workplace hazards – especially when it comes to head protection.’

Olof Rylander, senior business developer for safety at Mips, added: ‘We are pleased to partner with Arco and to continue to educate the market on issues concerning head protection.

‘Together, we will work closely with safety professionals and industry institutions, continuing our research into the field of head injuries in construction and the role hard hat technology can play, and providing a deeper understanding of the risks from rotational motion caused by head impacts in construction.’


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