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MinERALiX invest in new Hitachi wheel loader

Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader

German recycling operator acquires ZW310-6 wheel loader for waste-management duties  

GAGGENAU-based MinERALiX have taken delivery of a Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader for one of their facilities located to the west of Weingarten (Baden) in southern Germany. The new machine was purchased from authorized Hitachi dealers Kiesel, following a comparison test on products from five different manufacturers. 

MinERALiX carried out the extensive machinery test to ensure that they would invest in a wheel loader best suited to their specific needs. Each machine was tested for up to four days under normal operating conditions at the company’s recycling/demolition waste facility.


‘It was important to test the machines at our facility and to be able to carry out all of our regular tasks,’ commented Thorsten Fredrich, site manager for MinERALiX. ‘By listing all of the plus and minus points for each model, we were able to quickly establish the decision criteria such as quality, service and price but, ultimately, the machine that we really needed.

‘The overall conclusion from the operators was that no other machine was better than the Hitachi ZW310-6. They described it as more comfortable and powerful than the other brands. For example, the hydraulic system is vital when it comes to dumping wet and ‘sticky’ materials out of the bucket, and the Hitachi was the only model to pass this test.’

Milanko Milivojevic, who has 20 years’ experience in operating mobile plant, played a major role in the wheel loader test ‘The Hitachi was very comfortable and powerful, as well as the best to drive,’ he said. ‘The joystick steering is easy to use and allows for a smooth operation. It’s very stable and performs well when carrying materials, even when travelling up and down the steep slopes on this site.’

Service was also an important consideration for the company and MinERALiX continue to have a positive business relationship with Kiesel, having purchased an existing Hitachi ZW220 loader in 2011. 

Mr Thorsten said: ‘I want peace of mind so when we do have a problem, then we can call Kiesel and they will take care of any issues, including the supply of a replacement machine if it was ever required. We have worked together in some capacity since the business was formed and in my experience, Kiesel is a completely reliable partner. Whenever there is a problem, they solve it and take care of their customers’ needs.’


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