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Midsouth Aggregates streamline operations with Kespry

Kespry blast pile analysis

Drone-based aerial intelligence platform transforms site planning and inventory management

KESPRY, the drone-based aerial intelligence solution providers, have announced that CRH company Midsouth Aggregates are using the Kespry platform to streamline their inventory management and mine planning operations.

With granite and limestone reserves located throughout Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, Midsouth Aggregates produce a variety of aggregate products destined for the concrete, asphalt, block and precast industries, as well as basecourse material, fill products and general construction aggregates.

The company also supplies concrete and asphalt sand, and general construction sand and gravel. Some of its key clients include the Alabama Department of Transportation, the Georgia Department of Transportation, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Aviation Authority.

‘Kespry’s drones and software really sped up inventory management,’ said Jerry Adkins, senior production manager at Midsouth Aggregates. ‘Kespry gave us a consistent measuring tool, whereas in the past we’d use other vendors who would do LiDAR and ground surveys.


‘They would come on site, do the flights and it would usually take a couple of weeks to get the data. Then we’d have a different vendor come in later in the year using a different method for measuring.

‘With Kespry, we brought it all in house and inventory management became something we could do monthly with more consistency and control. Now, we get real-time status of our sales yards and pits.

‘We can calculate forecasted blast tonnages in Kespry and verify this with a flight of the muck pile once the shot is on the ground. This gives us an accurate read on our daily production.

‘Kespry is the best innovation I’ve encountered in my 19-year career. It really makes our lives easier. I would recommend it to anyone. Everyone I’ve introduced it to has been blown away.’

Midsouth Aggregates also uses Kespry for comprehensive short- and long-term site planning, including granular analysis of pits across their operations.

‘Kespry gives us the ability to look at our sites in 2D and 3D,’ said Mr Adkins. ‘The volumetric tools allow us to do short- and long-term mine planning. As a mining engineer, I find that very useful.

‘Kespry is very user-friendly, so we’ve been able to train our plant managers to do the same type of planning. In the past, we’d have a mine planner doing that for us. So, that’s improved the overall outlook of how they manage their pits.’

George Mathew, chief executive officer of Kespry, said: ‘We’re incredibly pleased to see how Kespry have helped Midsouth Aggregates optimize their inventory management and mine planning processes.

‘The Kespry aerial intelligence platform is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with the complex workflows of companies like Midsouth Aggregates, so they can rapidly benefit from real-time reporting and analytics.

‘Accurately calibrated production is critical to Midsouth Aggregates’ success and Kespry consistently ensure their output is on track, mirroring their customers’ requirements and expectations.’

Kespry Cloud, which allows companies to access inventory management and mine planning data 24 hours a day, seven days a week on any device, has also played a major role in creating internal visibility and transparency at Midsouth Aggregates.

‘The Kespry Cloud has been awesome,’ said Mr Adkins. ‘I can look at all of our locations in one place and get fast access to all the data. It’s a really great communication tool as well. We use it in meetings with upstream management, contractors and our hourly employees, to show them mine plans and real-time photos.’


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