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Maximizing excavator security

Finning to fit new Caterpillar excavators with state-of-the art security system as standard

FINNING are to fit all newly delivered Cat excavators, ranging from the 319D to the 345D, with Caterpillar’s Machine Security System (MSS) as standard.

Specifically designed to guard against theft by disabling multiple operating systems of the machine, the Cat MSS system is integrated directly into various electronic components, without which it is impossible to operate the machine. Only the MSS key embossed with the owner’s unique code is capable of activating the machine.

Finning product manager Mike Sproston explained: ‘Each Caterpillar MSS key contains a unique security code that is checked by the electronic control module when it is inserted into the ignition against a list of pre-programmed keys. If the MSS does not recognize the key being used, the equipment cannot be operated.’

According to Finning, the security system also offers wide range of programmable features that can be customized to operators’ specific preferences, providing flexible control over access to machinery. For example, unlicensed operators can be prevented from using machines on which they are not trained.

‘MSS is even programmable to the extent that if you want security key to expire at a certain time and date, it will,’ added Mr Sproston. ‘You can even program a key so it can be used across a whole fleet, so almost any arrangement can be configured to your needs.’

Finning say MSS has been thoroughly tested by insurance consultants Thatcham and has achieved their P2 rating. In conjunction with the CESAR/Datatag scheme implemented last year by Finning, the 319D to 345D range of Cat excavators are now 3-star accredited.


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