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Maptek announce new I-Site modular laser scanner system

Maptek I-Site 8820 laser scanner

Details of company’s soon-to-be-launched I-Site 8820 model unveiled at  AIMS conference

MAPTEK have previewed their brand new I-Site 8820 long-range laser scanner at the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors conference in Sydney. Special features of this model include: a 20% increase in range; twice the data acquisition speed; a 25% improvement in range accuracy; and a new modular design that can be configured to match site survey requirements.

All the controls on the I-Site 8820 laser scanner are built in and the unit is light enough to be carried single-handed.

‘Our new modular approach acknowledges that customers have different survey needs,’ said Athy Kalatzis, manager of laser-imaging solutions for Maptek. ‘The quality and range accuracy of I-Site laser scanners are well known. Standard features include on-board controls, in-built compass and GPS. We also provide flexibility for configuring to specific applications.’

The I-Site 8820 laser scanner also features an integrated high-resolution panoramic digital camera for geotechnical and geological mapping, and an in-built survey grade telescope allows for traditional backsight workflow.

‘Maptek want to build equipment so surveyors have the best user experience while gaining the best results. Rigorous production testing and exhaustive field trials ensure this happens,’ said Mr Kalatzis.

A wirelessly connected rugged tablet PC allows users to define scan parameters, resolution and scan rate, as well as set up and define naming using conventional survey standards. Multiple scans can be queued for maximum efficiency, which provides a real advantage for geotechnical applications.

All data are recorded on the controller where it is available for preview and validation. Gaps in the data can be immediately noticed and rectified. The I-Site 8820 laser scanners are an integral part of Maptek’s spatial solutions, and can be ordered now for shipment in September.

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