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Manitou introduce new engine auto-stop system

Manitou telescopic handler

‘Stop & Go’ system now available on the company’s MT telescopic handler range

MANITOU have launched a new automatic engine stop and start function on their MT telehandlers (14-18m) that will reduce fuel consumption by as much as 5%.

Available as an option on the Manitou machines sold in Europe, the Stop & Go system will automatically cut off the engine after it has been idling for 30 seconds or/and when hydraulic commands are not being operated. The engine restarts when the operator presses on the accelerator or activates a command on the telehandler.

The system incorporates a hydraulic starter and hydraulic accumulator, developed in partnership with Poclain Hydraulics in response to user cycles of telescopic loaders.

As well as the fuel savings achieved using the Stop & Go system, it will also help rental companies and end-users to optimize their machinery ownership costs. The engine will be utilized less, maintenance checks will be spaced further apart and the resale price of the telescopic handlers will be higher.

In addition, operators will have greater comfort working on site with less engine noise emitted from the telehandlers.  

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