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Magway look to revolutionize bulk material movement

Magway’s innovative magnetic propulsion bulk material handling system on display at Wincanton’s W2 Innovation Centre Magway’s innovative magnetic propulsion bulk material handling system on display at Wincanton’s W2 Innovation Centre

Wincanton Innovation Centre to showcase Magway’s magnetic propulsion bulk material handling technology

MAGWAY Ltd, pioneering developers of zero-emission goods transport systems, are set to showcase their innovative magnetic propulsion bulk material handling technology at Wincanton’s W² Innovation Centre.

Magway’s cutting-edge technology, designed to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of bulk material transport, will be showcased at logistics giant Wincanton’s state-of-the-art Innovation Centre in Rockingham, Northamptonshire. The centre, adjacent to The WEB – Wincanton’s automated shared-user facility for high-volume fulfilment, is a hub for the latest in supply chain innovations which benefits Britain’s businesses.


For six years, Wembley-based Magway have been at the forefront of magnetic propulsion, continuously pushing boundaries and refining their system. Magway’s technology allows precise control over the horizontal and vertical movement of loads up to 250kg, with a throughput capacity of 1,000 tonnes/h. The system is said to operate at less than 20% of the energy and operating costs of traditional solutions, while producing zero emissions.

Phill Davies, chief executive officer of Magway, said: ‘Every year, more than 100 billion tonnes of bulk materials – equivalent to two-thirds of the mass of Mount Everest – are transported globally using traditional conveyors and trucks. In order to achieve net zero, businesses need to innovate in their supply chain processes and embrace new technologies. Our system offers a compelling alternative, providing unparalleled efficiency and sustainability.

‘This is the first Magway demonstrator outside of our own controlled test environment, and we’re extremely excited to showcase our technology and vision for sustainable, efficient bulk material movement. Working with leading organizations, we can ‘Move Mountains Together’,’ said Mr Davies.

Magway’s initiative is supported by industry leaders including construction materials suppliers GRS Group, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), Mackley Engineering, KPMG, and NatWest.

Paul Durkin, chief customer and innovation officer at Wincanton, commented: ‘We are delighted to welcome Magway and their cutting-edge magnetic propulsion technology to our Innovation Centre. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do for our customers, and we are committed to collaborating with global innovators like Magway to drive emerging technology and sustainability in supply chain and logistics. Since opening in 2021, our Innovation Centre has welcomed over 5,000 visitors, and we look forward to many more experiencing this new technology.’

Gary Coles, integrated solutions director at GRS Group, said: ‘As a supplier of essential bulk materials for UK construction, we’re always looking for innovations to improve efficiency and support our journey to net zero. As soon as we heard about Magway, we were keen to get involved. We’re excited to see how this remarkable technology could improve material movement at a GRS site that is one of London’s busiest processing plants.’

NatWest’s Clean Transport Accelerator, in partnership with WMG, recently welcomed Magway into its fold. This fully funded programme provides specialized support to businesses developing clean transport solutions, facilitating the rapid deployment of innovative ideas into the market.

Richard Hill, head of mobility and logistics at NatWest, remarked: ‘Magway’s transformation from concept to a sustainable business model has the potential to revolutionize bulk goods movement. The accelerator is dedicated to nurturing ventures such as Magway, ensuring swift market entry and maximizing the benefits of ground-breaking innovations for the UK.’


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