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Lower-carbon CASE vehicles for CEMEX

CEMEX partnership with CASE

CEMEX partner with CASE Construction Equipment to introduce lower-carbon vehicles to European business

CEMEX have confirmed a partnership with CASE Construction Equipment to introduce lower-carbon vehicles that offer reduced fuel consumption into multiple markets across Europe.

The partnership is the latest company development to be announced in line with CEMEX’s global sustainability strategy ‘Future in Action – Committed to Net Zero CO2’.

The selected vehicles (wheel loaders, dozers and backhoe loaders) will be used in CEMEX materials businesses in several countries, including France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and the UK.

The first tranche of machines has already been delivered in France with subsequent machines being delivered in the coming weeks.

Craig Hooper, mobile equipment fleet and category manager for CEMEX Europe, commented: ‘As one of the world’s largest building solutions providers, CEMEX are committed to leading on the path to a low-carbon economy and are closely evaluating all areas of the business to make efficiency improvements.

‘The vehicles we use as part of our work are a key part of this and we are pleased to have agreed this contract with CASE for these vehicles, which will provide a significant sustainability benefit to CEMEX’s European operations.

‘They incorporate advanced technology alongside lower fuel consumption due to an improved power-to-weight ratio. We look forward to working with CASE to explore other opportunities to enhance the eco-credentials of our fleet.’

Speaking on behalf of CASE, Andrea Rapali, Europe key account director, said: ‘We are pleased that CEMEX have chosen CASE to support them, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship and working closely with them now and in the future.’

The order will see the following machines delivered to CEMEX sites across Europe:

  • 2x 1650M dozers, 2x 580ST backhoe loaders, 1x 1121G and 2x 521G wheel loaders to France
  • 2x 821G wheel loaders to Spain
  • 2x 821G wheel loaders to Poland
  • 1x 621G wheel loader to the Czech Republic
  • 1x 1021G wheel loader to Germany
  • 1x 621G and 1x 821G wheel loaders and 1x 580ST backhoe loaders to the UK.
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