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Load Assist now standard on Volvo wheel loaders in Europe

Volvo CE's Load Assist

Productivity-enhancing machine control system now available on all models from L120H to L260H

VOLVO wheel loader customers in Europe can now benefit from the productivity-enhancing Load Assist machine control system as standard.

As of January 2020, all customers of new Volvo L120H to L260H wheel loader models in Europe will receive the Volvo Co-Pilot hardware with a selection of Load Assist applications included as standard. The system remains optional on the L110H.


Volvo Co-Pilot delivers real-time machine data to the screen in cab, helping operators to boost their productivity, efficiency and safety. Volvo Co-Pilot also feeds data to a cloud for remote access to machine information, making it a valuable tool for fleet managers too.

Load Assist is the umbrella name of a family of applications designed specifically for Volvo wheel loaders and all these applications are accessed from the Co-Pilot screen.

Customers will be able to access three of these applications as standard – the tool-box application, which includes a notepad, calculator with unit convertor and weather forecasts; a rear-view camera feed (to avoid having two separate screens in the cab); and Operator Coaching.

Operator Coaching helps ensure the operator uses his or her Volvo wheel loader to its full potential by providing real-time guidance on issues such as idling, braking, throttling and engaging the transmission lock-up.

With Operator Coaching, operators come to understand how their actions influence productivity and efficiency, whilst the system identifies areas for improvement or necessary changes in their driving technique.

Customers will also receive as standard the necessary hardware for the On-Board Weighing application – but not the software. The software can be purchased additionally as and when customers see the need.

The On-Board Weighing application gives the operator real-time insight into the bucket’s load to within +/- 1% accuracy. It also displays information such as the total transported loads, number of cycles and, when connected to Volvo’s telematics system CareTrack, transported load per litre of fuel.

With this insight, operators and fleet managers can better manage productivity and prevent overloading, which, in turn, limits machine wear, tyre damage and excess fuel consumption.

The reason for installing the On-Board Weighing hardware as standard is that the cable harness and pressure sensors cannot be retrofitted. They need to be mounted in the factory as the accuracy of the system depends on their exact positioning.

‘Making Load Assist available to more customers as standard and including a new Operator Coaching application is a clear demonstration of our commitment to further developing the capabilities of Volvo Co-Pilot and continuously delivering even more value to customers,’ said Jens Frid, product specialist for customer services and solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ‘We are also helping customers to prepare their machines for the future.’


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