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Lime Logistics take the low road

Mercedes-Benz Arcos 8x4 tipper

New reduced cab height Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 tipper joins company’s existing fleet

ACCORDING to Kent-based Lime Logistics, who have just added a ‘lower’ 32-tonne Arocs 3240 to their fleet, Mercedes-Benz have made the best 8x4 tipper chassis even better by introducing a reduced cab height version.

Whereas the Arocs has a ClassicSpace M-cab with 320mm engine tunnel, the new purpose-designed Mercedes-Benz eight-wheeler has a 170mm tunnel. This means the construction truck sits 6in lower, resulting in a 14% improvement in direct vision.

The lowered cab can also help when the vehicle is working at concrete, asphalt and bagging plants where height may be an issue, while its three steps are more closely spaced for easier access.

Lime Logistics’ latest vehicle was supplied by Mercedes-Benz dealers Sparshatts Truck & Van and is fitted with an alloy insulated asphalt body by Fruehauf, which offers a 19,500kg payload capacity.

It joins 28 other double-drive tippers and tractor units run by Lime Logistics, whose fleet is dominated by the three-pointed star brand.

The company’s transport manager, Dave Dixon, commented: ‘We’ll definitely be going for the reduced-height version from now on.

‘The ground clearance is still very good but it’s easier for the drivers to maintain three points of contact when climbing in and out of the cab, while being that bit lower also helps by giving them a better angle for pedestrian and cyclist observation.’

Working from bases in Sittingbourne, West Hythe and Tonbridge, Lime Logistics run a combination of 8x4 rigids and 6x4 tractors with bulk tipping trailers, and have grown their fleet by 10 trucks over the last three years.

The company supplies and delivers loose material such as sand, ballast and soil, as well as removing all types of waste from construction sites, and – a relatively recent addition to its portfolio – providing asphalt transport services.

The new Arocs truck rides on Comfort suspension and is double-shifted – by day it is assigned to aggregates work and at night it is on tarmac duties. According to Mr Dixon, the truck has won a resounding ‘thumbs up’ from its two dedicated drivers.

Lime Logistics opted for the 290kW (394hp) OM 470 LA straight-six engine – the 320mm high-tunnel format is also available with 315kW (428hp), 265kW (360hp) and 240kW (326hp) versions of the same advanced 10.7-litre powerplant.

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