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Lightweight wear plate

Poly-Cer Slim, the new Trellex wear plate from Metso Minerals, has been designed to provide an improved wear-resistant surface for mining and quarrying applications that are weight sensitive and where severe abrasion occurs or with low angles of impact.

Poly-Cer Slim features a highly wear-resistant surface of cylindrical alumina ceramic rods bound with a resilient rubber matrix. The hard ceramic elements provide resistance to abrasive wear while the elastic properties of the rubber dampen impact forces. The hexagonal lattice rod arrangement, where each ceramic rod is surrounded by rubber, provides enhanced wear-resistance properties. For ease of installation the plates are manufactured with a steel backing plate.

Poly-Cer Slim is similar to Poly-Cer Classic but is only 20mm thick compared to 35mm. Offering a reduced weight of 69kg/m2, the new wear plate is available in two standard sizes — 20mm x 250mm x 500mm and 20mm x 500mm x 500mm — although other sizes can be supplied on request.


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