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Lift-off device from Hosch


"The latest product in the Hosch portfolio is a hydraulic lift-off device, designed to be used on reversing conveyor belt systems. The self-contained, compact hydraulic unit works independently of an electrical power supply.

A Hosch scraper is fitted to both ends of the belt with one scraper unit engaged and the other scraper unit disengaged. The engaged scraper is raised to the belt by hydraulic fluid supplied by a pump and driven by a roller which, in turn, is driven by the return strand of the belt. On reversal of the belt the hydraulic fluid no longer activates the engaged scraper and counter-balance weights draw the scraper away from the belt. At the other end of the belt, the disengaged scraper unit is activated and raised to the surface of the belt.

The simple and safe to operate unit is suitable for winter operation as the hydraulic fluid comprises an antifreeze liquid."


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