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Liebherr launch new generation of ADTs

Liebherr TA 230 Litronic dumptruck

Company unveils the TA 230 Litronic – the first representative of new generation of articulated dumptrucks

LIEBHERR have unveiled the first representative of their new generation of articulated dumptrucks, the TA 230 Litronic. Developed specifically for challenging off-road applications, the robust and powerful all-terrain machine features a redesigned front-end to create maximum ground clearance for superior off-road performance.

For example, the powershift transmission has been positioned safely and compactly under the operator’s cab, whilst the exhaust gas aftertreatment system has been installed behind the cab to save space.

The ADT’s newly designed, positive-locking articulated swivel joint, which is designed to withstand maximum loads and provide optimal force distribution, is said to deliver excellent off-road capability and maximum manoeuvrability.

The front and rear axles of the machine are secured by sturdy A-rods and shock absorbers and oscillating A-rods, respectively, which have also been designed to maximize ground clearance.

Powered by a Stage V compliant 6-cylinder engine, the TA 230 Litronic delivers its 265kW (360hp) of power through an automatic eight-speed powershift transmission, resulting in a maximum forward speed of 57km/h (16km/h in reverse). Together with actively controlled longitudinal differential locks, automatic traction control is also available on the new machine.

The large and robust dump body on the new TA 230 Litronic is designed for the effective transport of a 28-tonne (18.1 cubic metre) payload. Numerous improvements have been made for quick and efficient loading and unloading, as well as the safe transport of the material.

For example, the front of the trough is straight and the sills are low so that loading is easy along its entire length. An innovative weighing system, fitted as standard, shows the current payload during loading on the display in the operator’s cab, whilst optional loading lights on the back of the operator’s cab show the loading level from the outside.

In order to accelerate the release of material during unloading, the inner edges of the new trough are tapered, and thanks to optional trough heating through exhaust gas management, effective unloading can also be carried out at cooler temperatures. During transportation the long chute at the end of the trough ensures minimal material loss. Moreover, the trough volume can be increased with an optional tailgate.

The newly developed, spacious operator’s cab on the TA 230 Litronic provides safe and comfortable working conditions. Thanks to panoramic windows without any struts, as well as the short, inclined bonnet, the driver always has an optimal view of the driving, working and articulating areas of the machine. Also, a touch display with integrated rear camera increases visibility in the rear area, whilst ergonomically arranged control elements facilitate intuitive operation of the dumptruck. Offset steps as well as a large driver’s door provide safe and convenient access to the cab.

The TA 230 Litronic’s new lighting concept with LED headlights ensures improved visibility and safety for both the machine operator and pedestrians alike, whilst optional extra-powerful LED lights on the front of the machine can illuminate the entire working area. Lighting at the rear of the dump body and another light package at the mudguards illuminate the manoeuvring areas at night. The new Liebherr dumptruck also has an optional LED access light for additional safety when entering and exiting the operator’s cab.

The modern assist systems installed in the new TA 230 Litronic support the machine operator and increase safety and comfort during operation. As well as hill start and speed assist systems, with the hard stop function, the end position damping of the dump body lifting cylinders can be activated or deactivated at the touch of a button. The lift height can also be limited for work in height-critical areas.

Speed-dependent steering provides additional driving comfort, with the adaptive steering system continuously adapting the ratio of the steering movements to the current speed. This allows for easy and accurate manoeuvring at low speeds as well as accurate steering at higher speeds, plus fewer steering corrections when cornering or taking bends.

With the intelligent machine check-up and a service-oriented machine design, the new TA 230 Litronic boasts an optimized maintenance concept. Thanks to clever sensor technology, the dumptruck automatically performs routine daily checks itself and any deviations from the nominal state are shown on the display in the operator’s cab. As a result, daily set-up times can be reduced, costs saved and component durability extended.

The electro-hydraulically opening bonnet, as well as an integrated folding ladder with non-slip steps, provide safe and easy access to the entire engine compartment. All relevant service points are easily accessible. Maintenance work can be performed safely and comfortably from a platform, whilst refuelling can be carried out from ground level.

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