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Leading American quarry chooses Sandvik cone crusher

For almost a century, James D. Morrissey Inc. have helped shape the landscape of Eastern Pennsylvania. Hard work, dedication, experience and honesty have proved to be the building blocks of the company's success which was founded by James D. Morrissey Sr over 80 years ago. From foundation, James D. Morrissey and the Eureka Stone Quarry Inc (founded in 1954), have continued to be the industry leaders in their respective fields.

Since taking charge in 1981 James D. Morrissey Jr has guided the company through some of the largest and most successful construction projects to be completed in recent years on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Today, James D. Morrissey Inc are one of the most successful independent construction and material supply companies in operation today.

At the centre of the present operation is the Eureka Stone Quarry; headquartered in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, the Eureka Stone Quarry is a major supplier of high-quality aggregate and bituminous products in Eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. The stone quarry operation comprises of:


  • eight hard rock quarries
  • seven asphalt plants
  • three sand and gravel plants
  • 12 ready-mixed concrete plants.

A key piece of equipment used by the Eureka Stone Quarry is the Sandvik CH660 (formerly the 6800). With hydraulically adjusted CSS, optional automation, a choice of several different crushing chambers, and many other high-performance features, all Sandvik cone crushers are versatile, user friendly and highly productive. All members of Sandvik CH-series of cone crushers (and the CS series) have a wide variety of uses as they can easily be matched to changes in production through the proper selection of crushing chamber and eccentric throw.

The CH660 has proved to be particularly suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing, with the compact and easy to service design making them a perfect choice for mobile installations. The CH660 possesses automatic overload protection, and can be equipped with Sandvik’s automatic setting system - ASRi. This system optimizes cone crusher efficiency by automatically adapting the crusher to variations in feed conditions. By continuously measuring and compensating for crusher liner wear ASRi allows the user to fully utilize crusher liners, and to schedule liner replacements in order to coincide with planned maintenance. The ASRi also assists in keeping the crusher choke fed, thus maximizing rock-on-rock crushing, which helps to optimize the quality of the final product.

The hydraulically adjusted Sandvik cone crushers are characterized by robust design and high performance. A combination of Constant Liner Performance (CLP) crushing chambers and high motor powers give these crushers very high capacity. However, the Sandvik CH660 cone crusher has undergone extensive upgrades that optimize its operations at all levels. The enhancements cover the entire crusher: feed hopper, top shell, bottom shell and main shaft/ head centre.

The top shell has been reinforced to meet the demands from quarrying and mining customers. Developed in using the latest software, its brand new design offers smoother radiuses to decrease tensions. Furthermore, the spider cap diameter has been increased to protect the spider hub. The feed hopper is bolted with lock nuts, and possesses a reinforced four-piece design producing increased stability. The bottom shell has a five-arm instead of a three-arm design, providing the eccentric hub with a stronger support ensuring overall sturdiness.


Improved throughput and optimal productivity are accomplished through an increased breathing tube that allows the free flow of air in and out of the spider bearing, thereby preventing clogging to take place. The spider arms are lifted up creating more room for the material to flow into the chamber, with an optional level indicator also being available for enhanced control of the level in the feed hopper. This radar sensor in K-band technology performs continuous high-precision level measurements making it possible to adjust the material level within small variations.

Reduced vibration and noise pollution are a result of the CH660 being equipped with Sandvik lightweight polymer linings for wear protection and noise reduction, producing a better working environment and longer wear life. The linings are easy to install and to change. Several standard crushing chambers are available for each model, which means the crushers may be easily matched to changes in production through selecting the right crushing chamber and eccentric throw.

The Eureka Stone Quarry currently supplies crushed stone, asphalt and RAP from their sites, and it is from these that they service their customer base of road builders, developers, asphalt plants and ready-mixed plants. Through the use of such equipment as a Sandvik CH660 cone, the Eureka Stone Quarry services the multifaceted needs of the aggregates industry, operating some of the cleanest and most modern plants in the country, aided through the use of some of most advanced equipment on the market.


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