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Latest K-Series wheel loaders from Caterpillar

Cat 962K

Caterpillar have replaced their mid-size H-Series wheel loaders with new K-Series models, including the 950K and 962K, which have been designed to enhance productivity and reduce owning and operating costs. The K-Series loaders are powered by a EU Stage IIIB-compliant Cat C7.1 ACERT engine, which delivers a peak net power of 211hp (157kW) in the 950K and 221hp (165kW) in the 962K.

The latest machines boast numerous improvements over their H-Series predecessors, including a new operator station, optimized Z-bar linkage, high-performance buckets and high-efficiency drive trains. Both loaders use buckets ranging in size from 2.50 to 9.20m3 and can be equipped with a Cat Fusion coupler and a variety of work tools.

The 950K and 962K loaders can be equipped with a low-effort hydraulically assisted steering wheel or Cat Command Control steering, which is designed for short-cycle maneuvering


The operator station, which features a streamlined four-post ROPS design, has been moved slightly forward and the optimized Z-bar linkage provides more visibility to the front and sides. There is also a standard rear-view camera with a large colour monitor to improve visibility to the rear.

Development of the new optimized Z-bar linkage was carried out in conjunction with the Performance Series buckets, Fusion coupler and Fusion family of work tools to ensure that all components function together to optimize visibility, performance and fuel-efficiency. With the integration of the Performance Series buckets, the loaders deliver faster digging times and better material retention, resulting in greater productivity and fuel-efficiency improvements.

The Cat C7.1 ACERT engine used in the wheel loaders incorporates an upgraded ADEM 4 control module and new high-pressure common-rail fuel system to improve combustion efficiency and reduce emissions. A rugged Cat clean-emissions module is securely mounted on its own platform above the engine and contains a diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter and Cat regeneration system.

The drivetrain has been optimized with the new engine to improve digging power, acceleration and performance. Both the 950K and 962K models have new torque converters that have been matched with the engine power curve to reduce fuel while delivering increased power.

The Cat K-Series wheel loaders retain the convenient one-piece tilting hood introduced on the G Series. However, the rear portion of the hood now incorporates a clamshell design that allows quick access to the engine oil dipstick, oil fill, fuel fill and cooler cores for cleaning. Two ground-level service centers for hydraulic and electrical components also offer faster and more convenient maintenance.


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