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Latest Ammann rollers to go into production

Ammann ARX40 tandem roller

New ARX generation of light tandem rollers will be available in 13 different models

AMMANN have announced their new ARX generation of tandem rollers will go into full production in Autumn 2012. The completely remodelled double-vibratory rollers are specifically designed to compact asphalt and substrates on smaller and medium-sized building sites. The new ARX series will also come in 13 different models (from 1.5 to 4.8 tonnes), with working widths from 820 to 1,380mm. 

Customers have played a crucial role in the development of the ARX range of rollers. Before redesign work started, surveys were conducted among operators, construction firms, rental fleet operators and service staff for Ammann engineers to observe and to ensure the new machines meet the hallmarks of the company’s products – quality, safety and optimal performance.  

Some of the new models, including ARX 12 and ARX 20, will be fitted with only drum suspension as standard, so the driver can compact the substrate seamlessly right up to house walls or high kerbstones on both sides. A waisted base frame and angled drum suspension units, combined with a seat that slides sideways, will give the operator the best possible direct view of the drum’s edges. 

According to Ammann, the ARX 36, ARX 40 and ARX 45 units will provide two amplitudes and two frequencies, the first time that machines in this class will have such features to ensure adaptation to all asphalts and substrates.  In particular, the ARX 45 tandem roller is Ammann’s response to an incrasing demand for a vibratory roller in the 5-tonne class for asphalting on medium-size construction sites. 

The articulated steering on all the ARX models is fitted with Teflon-coated gliding bearings. This, say Ammann, eliminates the need for manual relubrication throughout the machine’s lifetime, thereby reducing maintenance costs and standstill times. 

The ARX rollers are also equipped with Ammann’s vibration control system, which automatically prevents vibration when the machine is immobile or undertaking compaction at excessive speeds. In addition, electric drive control via the drive lever is featured for the first time on rollers of this class – the sensitive application and release of the brake prevents the machine from pushing creases into the hot asphalt and avoids the formation of cracks. 

Tandem rollers often need to be transported between sites, and the Amman Traction Control system prevents the front drum from spinning on the loading ramp. Generously dimensioned and easily accessible four-point lash rings are a major benefit for site personnel and hauliers, while significantly reducing loading times.

A wide range of optional accessories for the various market requirements will be available on the new ARX generation.  

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