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Komatsu collaborate on electric excavators

Komatsu and Proterra

Company in partnership with Proterra on electrification of small and medium-sized machines

KOMATSU Ltd have signed a collaboration agreement with Proterra Inc to receive supplies of the US-based firm’s industry-leading battery systems, with the aim of electrifying their small and medium-sized hydraulic excavators. Komatsu say they plan to advance proof-of-concept tests starting in 2021, and begin commercial production of electric excavators in 2023–24.

As one of the leaders in commercial vehicle electrification technology, Proterra have, through their Proterra Powered programme, delivered battery systems and electrification solutions to help heavy-duty and commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world electrify their vehicles.

In April 2020, Komatsu launched the PC30E-5 electric mini-excavator, and for their small and medium-sized models they are going to receive high-performance batteries and peripherals which Proterra have developed using the state-of-the art technology they have accumulated over the years as North America’s leading manufacturer of electric transit vehicles.

At the same time, Komatsu will collaborate with Proterra as one of their strategic partners of proof-of-concept tests, during the course of which the two firms will develop an optimal battery system for small and medium-sized hydraulic excavators which require a large amount of output.

Proterra’s flexible battery platforms leverage industry-leading energy density and are highly customizable – an important advantage that will allow Komatsu to achieve optimal packaging of the batteries in excavators by combining them with Komatsu-developed key components.

Komatsu also expect to generate additional benefits by integrating Proterra’s technology with their own, such as integral technology for the development of machine bodies.

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