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Kilsaran lead the way in hard landscaping BIM objects

Kilsaran release library of Building Information Modelling

Company begins roll-out of full-colour 3D library of Building Information Modelling objects

PAVING and walling specialists Kilsaran International are the first paving manufacturers to release a full-colour, fully rendered, 3D library of Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects as part of a BIM roll-out plan for the coming months.

The software supports collaborative partnerships by allowing industry professionals, including architects, landscapers and builders, to simulate the construction process in software before any physical progression takes place.


As a result, BIM reduces wastage, time and cost because any design changes or snags identified beforehand can be rectified before the build starts. Additionally, the software stores objects and further product information such as data sheets and maintenance manuals, which streamline the building process and reduce paperwork.

Due to BIM increasing efficiency and accuracy in construction, the Government has stated that by 2015 all local authorities and public sector works will be required to use it within their design. Because of the cost savings and efficiencies associated with BIM, it is very likely that the private sector will also fast-track the adoption of BIM modelling.

Kilsaran have led the way in hard landscaping by implementing fully rendered, realistic, 3D BIM objects, allowing industry professionals to view their products exactly as they appear, which aids the aesthetic elements of construction as well as the physical.

Commenting on BIM, Kilsaran’s specifications manager, Robert Davenhall, said: ‘It’s very important for architects to view the products accurately and realistically. With our products, you have to consider the texture and colour as well as the shape, function and material.

‘We have chosen to go with the most sophisticated BIM objects currently available within the Revit package, because we know it will be the most useful for architects and other building specialists. Our products are a very visual component to any project which needs to be maximized to its full potential. It has surprised me that others in the industry have opted for the more basic, white model or hidden-line style of object.’

Mr Davenhall added: ‘We are seeing a growing interest from specifiers for BIM, in both the school and health sectors. Working closely with these specifiers means that we are giving them exactly what they are looking for in an object, and not what a budget constraint has allowed them to have. I think this is where we differ from others in our industry and is the reason we are now seeing many specifications being produced with our products.’

Kilsaran have kicked off their BIM initiative with three of their flagship paving range: Shelbourne, Pembroke and Newgrange.


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