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Kemroc expand attachment products offering

Kemroc rotary drum cutter

Manufacturer introduces new line of twin head rotary drum cutters with additional models available later in the year    

EXCAVATOR attachments manufacturer Kemroc have announced a major expansion of their product range with a new line-up of twin head rotary drum cutters.   

The extended range of attachments provides machine operators with an improved choice of tools that are tailor made to meet their needs, with further drum cutter models expected to follow later in the year.  


The patented EK range of chain cutters – designed for excavators with an operating weight from 1.5 to 50 tons – continues to be a core product for the manufacturer based in Thuringia, Germany.  

The EK chain units are fitted with cutting picks that run between the rotating drums; making the attachment a suitable tool for trenching whilst delivering a 40% saving on energy costs, compared with traditional drum cutters operating without the cutter chain. Kemroc have announced that they will expand the EK range in autumn 2020, with the launch of a 220kW model designed for excavators with an operating weight from 50 to 70 tons.  

There will also be the introduction of the EKT range of drum cutters that can be converted into chain cutters. Designed for use on 18- to 45-ton excavators, these economical, narrow attachments, with rigid gearboxes and motors providing high torque and cutting force, are supplied without the chain as standard. However, a conversion kit is available allowing them to be fitted with a cutter chain if required. 

In addition to the standard EK and convertible EKT range of drum cutters with chains, Kemroc have updated their product offering with the latest KR range of rotary drum cutters, which have no central cutting chain.  

With strong, torsion and wear-resistant housings and rugged gear drives, the attachments are designed to work in demanding conditions. Hydraulic hoses exit from the rear of the housings and holes for water jet dust-suppression are on the cutter drums as standard.  

The KR range of rotary drum cutters are designed for use on excavators with operating weights from one to 125 tons. According to Kemroc, the drum cutter’s robust design makes them the ideal attachment for use on short-arm excavators in tight spaces, and vibration-free and silent demolition of re-enforced concrete structures.  


With these new additions to their product range, Kemroc have one of the largest number of options in rotary drum cutters on the market. For excavators in the 20- to 50-ton range alone, where high performance and low operating costs are required, there are various sizes and models tailored to the weight and hydraulic capacity of the respective carrier.


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