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Keeping customers in the LOOP

AI are introducing their new digital platform – LOOP

Aggregate Industries launch new digital customer service platform, starting with new order-tracking tool

AS part of their drive to revolutionize the customer journey, Aggregate Industries are rolling out their new digital platform, ‘LOOP’.

Launching this month, LOOP combines a number of complementary digital systems designed with Aggregate Industries’ customers at its heart, which will work together to further improve the business’s customer service experience.

The first tool launched as part of LOOP is ‘LOOP - Order Tracking’ – a real-time system that allows customers and hauliers to access order and delivery information all on one convenient system.

By using LOOP - Order Tracking, customers can manage multiple orders at any one time, removing the need to log in to websites, download apps, create passwords, and remember order numbers, thus saving valuable time.

The tool therefore allows for improved efficiency both on site and within teams, enabling the customer to accurately plan when orders will arrive and to manage workload and team availability accordingly.

LOOP - Order Tracking will be rolled out across Aggregate Industries’ Express Asphalt, London Concrete, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Asphalt and Aggregates businesses over the coming months.

Chris Hudson, managing director of Asphalt at Aggregate Industries, said: ‘As a market leader in the construction industry, we’re constantly looking at ways to stay ahead of the game. LOOP has been developed as a simple, modern way to improve our customer service, streamlining efficiencies and making it as easy as possible for our customers to work with us.

‘We developed LOOP after looking at what our customers really crave: convenience, simplicity, value and reliability. LOOP - Order Tracking addresses all of these points and will ultimately save our customers money through allowing them to better prioritize resources and more efficiently utilize their workforce.’

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