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JCB appoint new lead logistics provider

JCB World Logistics Centre

New multi-million-pound contract with Maersk secures hundreds of jobs across Staffordshire

JCB today announced the appointment of a new global lead logistics provider with the awarding of a multi-million-pound five-year contract.

The agreement will see Denmark-based family company Maersk Logistics become JCB’s lead logistics provider. The contract to manage the company’s global supply chain operations will commence in early 2023 and will see Maersk collaborate with Unipart Logistics in its delivery.


Under the new agreement, both Maersk and Unipart Logistics will play a critical role in keeping JCB’s 10 UK production facilities in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and Wrexham supplied with parts from the JCB World Logistics Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Employment at the Centre has more than quadrupled since its opening in 2013 and the new contract secures the jobs of the 260 people working there, as well as those of an additional 160 people working across JCB’s Staffordshire plants.

JCB chief operating officer Mark Turner said: ‘JCB’s business is going through a period of unprecedented growth around the world and as we grow, keeping production lines supplied with parts and components on a just-in-time basis is imperative.

‘The appointment of Maersk Logistics as JCB’s global lead logistics provider, along with Unipart Logistics, will bring about a transformation in our global supply chain operations and support our manufacturing growth plans.’

Gary Jeffreys, managing director of Maersk UK and Ireland, said: ‘We are privileged that Maersk have been selected to be the global lead logistics partner for JCB. Our collective strengths and experience will deliver an agile, efficient, and sustainable global supply chain for JCB.’

Ian Truesdale, managing director of Unipart Logistics, added: ‘Unipart’s heritage and expertise across manufacturing and production supply chains, combined with our innovation and proprietary system for continuous improvement, will enable us to drive and deliver sustainability and growth targets across JCB’s UK operations.’

Maersk and Unipart will work closely with current lead logistics provider DHL during the handover period between now and next year.

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