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Italian Job for Hyundai HX520L

Hyundai HX520L excavator

Alba Ventura’s new 52-tonne excavator takes leading role at Carrara marble quarry in Tuscany

ALBA Ventura Srl, a leading company specializing in marble quarrying, have recently purchased a new HX520L crawler excavator from Toscomeccanica, the Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) dealers for the Tuscan region of Italy.

Replacing a model of the same operating weight, the 52-tonne machine’s power, stability, and efficiency were just three of the reasons that Alba Ventura chose to purchase the HX520L excavator, which was immediately put to work in the Colonnata Carrara marble basin.


‘From the first days of operation in our marble quarry, the Hyundai excavator showed what it was made of – a powerful machine, but also sensitive and precise in its movements,’ said Roberto Vernazza, owner of Alba Ventura.

Powered by a 6-cylinder, 12.7-litre Scania DC13 084A Stage IV engine with an output of 316kW, the HX520L excavator is designed to offer superior energy efficiency combined with high-level performance.

To optimize performance in the toughest of operating conditions, HCE have equipped the excavator with cutting-edge technologies, including the Eco Indicator, a system capable of giving immediate feedback on fuel efficiency while the machine is operating.

In addition, IPC (Intelligent Power Control), a function that regulates the hydraulic pumps based on the work environment and selects speed mode, balance mode or higher efficiency in order to adapt machine performance.

‘We are very happy with the HX520L excavator,’ said Mr Vernazza. ‘Toscomeccanica, who have provided us with excellent service support for many years, looked at our needs and recommended a model which would meet our expectations.’

He added that the real value of the HX520L excavator lies in its durability and strength, citing the solid structure of the upper and lower frame, which can withstand considerable external impacts and are able to work with large loads.

In addition, reduced noise, low vibration and an ergonomic design make the generous cabin space more comfortable and pleasant for the operator. Other advantages in terms of comfort include clear controls, excellent visibility and high-performance air-conditioning.

Claudio Bacci, owner of Hyundai dealer Toscomeccanica, said: ‘In addition to being a robust, powerful machine, the Hyundai HX520L offers longer maintenance intervals and greater ease of maintenance, reducing workshop time to a minimum.

‘The maintenance areas are easy to access and the grease points are centralized, whilst the high-performance oil filter extends the change interval to 500 hours. These are all key aspects for our customers, who need to keep machine downtime to an absolute minimum.’


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