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Introducing the Quarryman Pro

Quarryman Pro

Renishaw launch new speed-optimized rock face profiling and laser scanner system at Hillhead 2014

THE new Renishaw Quarryman Pro uses innovative technology to help optimize blasting and contribute significantly to the profitability of quarrying operations. The system, which also helps to improve safety, can be seen on stand PA41.

Quarryman has been an essential on-site system for quarries for over 20 years. The original Quarryman – and later models – transformed safety on site and allowed forward-thinking quarry managers to simply and swiftly modify processes, to decrease post-blast workflow and costs.

The new Renishaw Quarryman Pro is optimized for speed of operation in tough environments, with swift set-up, programming, scanning and data processing, and offers significant benefits over previous models:

  • New viewing and editing software is provided, which is quicker to operate, easier to integrate with other mapping softwares, and which includes new filtering and data processing functionalities.
  • The new sun-readable screen is larger than on previous models, for better visibility, and is now in full colour.
  • Data is saved to a USB, rather than a flashcard, for ease of data transfer, and to allow operators to hold many more files.
  • A GPS mount is built into the handle, so operators can quickly position Quarryman Pro and easily map point cloud data to other quarry maps, using co-ordinates.
  • Fewer clicks for each operation greatly enhance the speed with which operators can work.
  • Auto date and time stamping help operators find files, without needing to enter details.
  • The battery issues a warning when low, but shuts down automatically if not recharged, retaining data for operators to retrieve later.
  • The new Li-ion battery is not only lighter, but provides a greater scan time.
  • The operating temperature range has been increased, as well as the processing power of the system.

The new Quarryman Pro is the first to have been developed, engineered and manufactured by Renishaw, offering customers the peace of mind of having one of the world’s leading engineering technology companies behind the support and servicing of every unit sold.

Will Lee, director and general manager of Renishaw’s Spatial Measurement Division, said: ‘Renishaw have invested heavily in the development of the new Quarryman, with new production facilities, and increased software and research and development resource. Operating faster, in a wider range of environmental conditions, and with the backing of Renishaw servicing and support, offers our customers real benefits in terms of quick and reliable access to key data, which can be used to support operational management.’

Martin Carr, business manager, Mining Systems, added: ‘Customers using the new Quarryman Pro alongside Renishaw’s Boretrak system to optimize blasting will see a significant competitive advantage: quite simply, they will access accurate data more quickly, in a wider range of conditions, and be more easily able to export data to other mining software packages.

‘In 20 years of working with quarries, including some of the world’s largest and most competitive global quarrying companies, Quarryman Pro is the best product we have developed, and marks the beginning of a new era for laser scanning systems for the mining and quarrying sectors.’

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