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Integrated solutions from Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals

Company’s wealth of engineering expertise provides solutions to mine and quarry customers’ problems

FOR almost 150 years, engineering expertise has been the driving force behind the Weir Group’s success. Today, thanks to this wealth of experience, Weir Minerals’ expert integrated solutions teams can combine a diverse range of knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that will solve their mine and quarry customers’ most frustrating ‘pain points’.

‘We need integrated solutions now more than ever. With this approach, we continually listen to our customers’ pain points and identify ways in which we can improve their processes,’ said John McNulty, vice-president of global engineering and technology for Weir Minerals.

‘Integrated solutions also align closely with the Weir Group’s sustainability strategy. We often talk to our customers about the challenges they face in terms of energy consumption, water usage and waste, and brainstorm ways in which we can help reduce their environmental impact. In this current climate, this approach is absolutely critical.’

When confronted with a problem that requires more than a single piece of equipment, Weir Minerals draw on their integrated solutions teams, which are made up of process engineers, design engineers, product experts, materials scientists, supply chain and logistics experts, as well as local sales teams who know their customers’ sites in great detail.

These multi-disciplinary teams ensure that a problem is considered from all perspectives, identifying potential issues and opportunities to optimize the circuit with upstream and downstream benefits.

With almost 10,000 employees operating in more than 50 countries, Weir Minerals say they can build teams with experience of working in every kind of mine and quarry environment. As well as optimizing equipment to provide maximum efficiency and wear life in any given situation, the integrated solutions teams’ expertise allows them to tailor solutions to meet unique site-specific issues and requirements.

‘For us, we believe nothing is impossible, and we continually look for better ways of doing things,’ said Seda Kahraman, a regional process engineering manager for Weir Minerals.

‘Our team is made up of specialists, each possessing different process system expertise, including, but not limited to, troubleshooting, designing tools, and process simulation programmes. We combine this wealth of knowledge to deliver innovative solutions that address our customers’ varied needs.’

Weir Minerals say the key to their integrated solutions approach is the entire team of experts collaborating to identify all the root causes of a customer’s challenge, considering all the contributing factors – which is where the company’s interdisciplinary expertise comes into its own.

The team will perform process audits during site visits to identify bottlenecks and then, using flowsheets, mass balances, 3D layouts, and feasibility studies, advise on the most appropriate solution to not only resolve the original problem, but also to optimize the process to save energy, reduce water waste or increase capacity, and, ultimately, save the customer money.

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