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Industry to launch UK Minerals Strategy at LWM6

Nigel Jackson

Strategy to drive sustainable supply of minerals for the next generation to be launched at ‘Living with Minerals 6’

THE UK Minerals Strategy, which sets out an agenda for industry, government and others to drive sustainable supply of minerals for the next generation, will be launched and published at the ‘Living with Minerals 6’ (LWM6) conference organized by the CBI Minerals Group and Mineral Products Association (MPA) on 10 July at Church House in Westminster.

Although minerals and mineral products are essential to the economy and people’s quality of life, there is growing concern that government is increasingly neglecting their supply and the policies supporting the industry. But as the MPA continues to point out, the supply of the raw materials essential for all sectors of the economy, not least for housing and infrastructure, cannot be assumed; it needs planning, monitoring and managing. 

Entitled ‘The Future of Minerals and the UK Minerals Strategy’, the half-day event will include speakers and panel sessions drawn from the industry, regulators, planners and non-governmental organizations, including, amongst others: Andrew Bloodworth, science director at British Geological Survey; John Cowley on behalf of Wolf Minerals; Mark North, director of planning at the MPA; Andy Tickle from CPRE; and Dr Ian Selby, chair of the UK Minerals Forum.

These experts will consider recent investments and developments, including changes in national planning policy and the challenges faced to ensure supply is maintained.


LWM6 is expected to attract an audience of around 200 delegates and will provide an important opportunity to get up-to-speed on a range of issues, participate in debate and network. Further details of the event, which is being managed by the MPA on behalf of the industry, can be obtained from Jane Blake at: [email protected]

Nigel Jackson, chairman of the CBI Minerals Group and chief executive of the MPA, said: ‘Our sixth Living with Minerals event could not be more topical or urgent: Minerals and mineral products are essential for the economy and their supply cannot be assumed: it needs planning, monitoring and managing.

‘Government has taken its eye off the ball and is failing to make the link between the need for a secure supply of minerals and mineral products to enable the delivery of much-needed housing and infrastructure, and to underpin wider economic growth.

‘The conference and the UK Minerals Strategy that we will be launching aim to galvanize the industry, planners, NGOs, other relevant stakeholders and government into action to ensure supplies of more than 5 billion tonnes of minerals and mineral products are secured and properly planned and supplied for the next 25 years.’


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