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Industry makes progress towards sustainable transportation

TARMAC have announced that they will be working with ITM Power, specialists in hydrogen energy systems, as part of a Hydrogen On Site Trials (HOST) programme, to trial the environmental firm’s innovative Transportable Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HFuel).

Developed with support from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and launched in September 2010, HFuel can be connected to renewable electricity and water supplies to produce clean fuel at the point of demand, or as a supply of ‘green’ electricity.

The fuel delivered to the vehicle means no carbon emissions are produced from this technology. A team of Tarmac technicians will trial the hydrogen-powered Ford Transit vehicles and HFuel system at sites in London and the South East.

Dr Martyn Kenny, head of sustainability at Tarmac, said: ‘The construction industry is constantly looking for way to reduce the carbon footprint of its vehicles and Tarmac recognizes the importance of testing the viability of emerging alternatives, These important trials will help us assess the feasibility of decarbonizing vehicle fleets using hydrogen which in the future could be derived from renewable energy.’

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