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HSA work-related vehicle safety courses

Health and Safety Authority launches four free online courses on work-related vehicle safety

IRELAND’s Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has launched four short online courses on its e-learning portal ( aimed at transport managers, fleet managers and others who employ staff who drive for work purposes.

The four new courses are: Safe Workplace; Safe Vehicles; Safe Drivers and Employees; and High-Risk Vehicle Activities. Each free online course takes around 45 minutes to complete and learners can download a certificate of completion on passing a short assessment.


Deirdre Sinnott, the HSA’s head of work-related vehicle safety, said: ‘These short courses will help employers and managers understand the specific risks involved in vehicle safety at work and how to manage them. The courses are aimed at business owners and managers to help improve their knowledge and understanding of vehicle risks at work and enable them to prevent avoidable accidents.’

Key learning outcomes include: improved knowledge of the principles of workplace transport safety and how to achieve and maintain a safe workplace environment to prevent vehicle-related incidents; and an understanding of the key steps to keeping people safe in workplaces where vehicle and pedestrian movements take place, and how to put workplace transport risk management into practice.

HSA education manager Joanne Harmon said: ‘These short online courses will be of interest to those delivering driver or worker-related training on vehicles at work to learners. The group manager facility allows employers, managers or tutors to register groups of learners on a course and remotely monitor their progress.’

She added: ‘Learners can take courses during their own time and at their own pace, and can download a certificate of completion on passing the short assessment. Although not a formal qualification, certification can form part of an individual’s training or continuous professional development record.’


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