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Holcim to deploy TAC system globally

Holcim tankers

Industry-leading digital logistics platform improves efficiency and reduces Scope 3 emissions

IN a move to optimize their logistics operations for enhanced efficiency, safety and sustainability, Holcim are deploying their innovative Transport Analytics Centre (TAC) globally.

TAC is already currently active across 50 markets worldwide, covering 1.4 billion kilometres each year, with tracking systems in more than 60,000 trucks. The state-of-the-art digital platform contributes to Holcim’s net-zero journey by reducing their Scope 3 emissions, in line with their industry-first target.

TAC optimizes logistics in a data-driven way, powered by advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. With its tracking devices, TAC uses data for optimal route mapping, increasing the predictability and safety of deliveries.

This proprietary digital tool allows Holcim to transparently track their transportation emissions, including those of their third-party suppliers, to continuously reduce their environmental footprint in line with their Scope 3 emissions target.

Alexander Scheld, head of cement logistics at Holcim, said: ‘TAC’s digital analytics deliver state-of-the-art logistics, reaching record performances from a safety and effectiveness perspective. TAC is not only good for business, it also consistently delivers improved driver safety and lower emissions in line with our net-zero ambition.’

Jochen Werling, group chief information officer at Holcim, added: ‘TAC is a great example of how we are becoming a data-driven organization. With our extensive industry expertise and advanced technologies, we are developing cutting-edge digital solutions that are tailored to our specific business needs. TAC is a breakthrough for us as well as for our broader industry.’

TAC integrates in-vehicle monitoring systems (iVMS) into trucks and correlates their data with other sources, such as ordering and dispatching systems. This allows the company to individually track and monitor truck utilization, routes, and driver behaviour, leading to improved efficiency, safety and sustainability.

On their net-zero journey Holcim set themselves the industry’s first Scope 3 emissions reduction target, with the aim of reducing their Scope 3 emissions related to transportation and fuels by 20% in 2030 (compared with the 2020 baseline of 29 million tonnes/CO2), and TAC is helping to accelerate the achievement of this target.

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