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Holcim enter global partnership with IUCN

Accelerating the integration of biodiversity across the built environment will be a key aspect of Holcim’s collaboration with the IUCN Accelerating the integration of biodiversity across the built environment will be a key aspect of Holcim’s collaboration with the IUCN

Three-year strategic collaboration to focus on biodiversity and a nature-positive built environment

HOLCIM have entered a global strategic partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to advance their nature strategy, based on measurable biodiversity and water targets.

Building on the company’s science-based approach to nature, the IUCN will validate Holcim’s biodiversity baseline, whilst identifying ways for them to improve biodiversity levels across their operations.

Furthering Holcim’s water targets, the IUCN will advise on the protection of freshwater sources beyond the company’s sites, whilst to bring nature into cities, IUCN will support Holcim in driving and promoting the inclusion of biodiversity into building standards.

Together, Holcim and the IUCN will lead nature awareness programmes across key stakeholder groups to accelerate impact.

Dr Grethel Aguilar, director general of the IUCN, said: ‘Nature provides the basis that supports human prosperity and economic systems. The commitment of companies to restoring biodiversity and protecting freshwater ecosystems is key to achieving the well-being of our societies. We welcome strengthening our partnership with Holcim to implement positive change in the built environment.’

Holcim’s chief sustainability officer, Nollaig Forrest, said: ‘I am excited to be entering a new era of collaboration with the IUCN to strengthen our positive impact on nature from biodiversity to water.

‘Together, we aim to bring more nature into cities by accelerating the integration of biodiversity across the built environment, from building standards to design. Contributing to a nature-positive future is at the core of our purpose to build progress for people and the planet.’

Holcim’s partnership with the IUCN builds on their work in 2014 to develop the Biodiversity Indicator and Reporting System (BIRS) methodology, allowing the company to launch its sector’s first measurable biodiversity targets.

Building on this robust approach, Holcim were selected among 17 companies worldwide to pilot the world’s first Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) targets for nature, to be launched in 2024. Holcim’s environmental leadership has also been recognized by CDP, which has ranked the company double ‘A’ for climate and water management.

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