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Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators offer users complete control

Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators

New-generation machines offer enhanced user experience and better fuel economy

HITACHI say they aim to put owners and operators in complete control with their next-generation Zaxis-7 medium excavators. Offering an enhanced user experience thanks to their redefined design, the efficient and versatile new ZX250-7, ZX300-7 and ZX350-7 Stage-V compliant models are said to provide owners with opportunities to increase profits and reduce costs.

According to Hitachi, impressive fuel economy can be achieved by the new Zaxis-7 machines with up to 10% less fuel consumption than previous models, whilst the company’s industry-leading TRIAS III hydraulic system ensures that this performance can be achieved in any application. The fuel efficiency of Zaxis-7 excavators can be further controlled by use of the new ECO gauge, which is clearly visible on the cab’s multifunctional 8in monitor.


Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators can be used on a wide range of projects and attachments can be quickly changed using the enhanced attachment support system on the monitor, giving the operator greater control. With a simple adjustment to suit operator preferences and job site requirements, Zaxis-7 machines can be fine-tuned for optimum productivity, while still reducing fuel consumption.

And with the operator in mind, the state-of-the-art, ultra-spacious cab offers greater comfort with some of the lowest noise levels in the industry, as well as 20% less vibration than the previous generation.  New features include synchronized motion of the seat and ergonomically designed console as well as adjustable console height with three positions to choose from.

Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators also provide a superior view of the job site for enhanced safety, thanks to the 270-degree bird’s-eye view from the aerial angle camera system. Operators can choose from six image options to view the machine’s immediate environment, so they can control their own safety and those around them. Visibility in difficult conditions is also improved by new LED work lights and a windscreen wiper with an increased sweeping area.

Tested rigorously at dedicated facilities in Japan, Hitachi say the Zaxis-7 machines have been built to last and to significantly boost uptime. This is maximized by easy maintenance and cleaning features, which save operators and owners both time and money. The two-way disconnect switch makes it possible to shut down power while still allowing the machine to transmit operational data for 72h. When the battery is completely disconnected, service or maintenance works can be carried out.

Moreover, to ensure owners to feel in total control of their fleet and workload, Hitachi’s remote monitoring systems – Owner’s Site and ConSite – give them access to vital data and tools. Both systems send operational data via GPRS or satellite from the excavator to Global e-Service on a daily basis. ConSite summarises the information in a monthly email, while the ConSite Pocket app shows real-team alerts for any potential issues.

In addition, the quality of the engine and hydraulic oil is monitored continuously by a unique Hitachi innovation. Data is transmitted via two sensors to Global e-Service which detects if the oil quality has deteriorated, providing customers with peace of mind on the condition of their excavators and reducing maintenance and unscheduled downtime.


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