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Hitachi unveil waste-package option for wheel loaders

Safety guard

Company increases durability and safety of ZW180-6 and ZW220-6 models with new options

TO meet the needs of their customers in the European demolition sector, Hitachi have introduced waste-handling package options for the versatile ZW180-6 and ZW220-6 wheel loaders. This comprises a range of additional features that provide extra protection for the operator and key components, enhancing the safety and durability of the machines, and reducing unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs.

For added protection from falling debris, the medium-sized wheel loaders are fitted with durable guards for headlights and taillights. Seal guards for the wheels prevent material from wrapping around the axles while steel spiral hose guards protect the hydraulic hoses of the boom and lift arm cylinder.


A lift arm cylinder protector prevents damage of the lift arm cylinders, hoses and tubes, when material is trapped between the cylinders and the front frame. There is also an articulation area guard which protects critical components, such as the transmission and parking break, from fallen debris.

Enhancing the performance of the Hitachi wheel loaders waste handling and dusty environments, a dust protection screen with fine mesh and automatic reversible cooling fan helps prevent the radiator from clogging. The rotation of the fan changes automatically (every 30min), although a manual option is available for flexibility.

The waste-handling package also includes an engine pre-cleaner to eliminate dust and dirt, extending the lifetime of the air filter. For added durability and safety, owners can choose from a range of optional guards for the front windshield, bucket cylinder and driveshaft and powertrain.

The ZW180-6 and ZW220-6 wheel loaders offer high levels of performance without compromising on efficiency, thanks to low levels of fuel consumption. The machines’ Stage IV-compliant engine and selective catalytic reduction system, also designed to comply with EU Stage IV emission regulations, minimizes their impact on the environment. 

The Hitachi wheel loaders are among the safest machines in their class. They offer the best all-round visibility with a 360° panoramic view from a spacious cab complemented by a rear-view camera. The repositioning of the muffler and air filter, and wide-view mirrors, have also enhanced rear-view visibility for operators. 

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV’s wheel loader product manager, Vasilis Drougkas, said: ‘We have introduced this package [waste-handling] for the ZW180-6 and ZW220-6 models to meet the specific needs of any application in which there is a high risk of falling debris. It enhances the durability of the standard models for dusty environments and prevents damage to components. As a result, it ensures a reliable performance, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.’


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