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Hitachi extend new dash-6 range

Hitachi dash-6 range

Company introduces latest phase of Zaxis-6 excavators and ZW-6 wheel loaders for European markets

HITACHI Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) have introduced their latest phase of Zaxis-6 excavators and ZW-6 wheel loaders, all designed and engineered in Japan using Hitachi technology to meet the demands of European customers.

According to Hitachi, the new models share high-quality design elements and materials, reliable and durable components, and have been designed to offer outstanding versatility. They have been launched under HCME’s ‘No compromise’ marketing campaign – which emphasizes how owners can ‘demand more’ from the new Hitachi dash-6 products, including the lowest possible cost of ownership.


The Zaxis-6 range of crawler excavators includes five new medium-size excavators, from the ZX130-6 to the ZX210LC-6, and two new large excavators, the ZX690LCH-6 and ZX890LCH-6. Also introduced are the new narrow-undercarriage ZX240LCN-6 and the ZX135US-6 and ZX225USLC/USRLC-6 short-tail-swing models.

These models incorporate more than 200 redesigned features and enhanced components. To comply with EU Stage IV regulations, they are highly efficient and have a smaller impact on the environment than previous versions. They are also equipped with a special Hitachi hydraulic system that reduces total hydraulic loss and helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 12%.

Moreover, they are fitted with an after-treatment device that results in fewer emissions. Noise levels are also reduced by the device, which consists of a DOC, SCR system and silencer. The SCR system injects urea through a mixing pipe into the exhaust gas to reduce nitrous oxide.

Other updates include: an in-cab console made of highly durable AES-grade resin that resists damage from UV rays; durable connections on the hydraulic return pipes to reduce oil leaks; wide-opening engine covers for easy access; and reinforced covers on the platform walkway for safety.

Hitachi have also launched four new Zaxis-6 wheeled excavators, including the new short-tail-swing ZX145W-6. These machines have been designed with more than 100 updates, ranging from tiny seals and O-rings to the reinforcement of the upper structure, boom and arm, plus new Stage IV technology engines. Hitachi say these improvements combine to provide better performance and increased efficiency.

In addition, the new wheeled excavators share an improved hydraulic system that helps to reduce fuel consumption, as well as proven after-treatment technology to comply with the latest emission regulation requirements. They also offer the same versatility as Zaxis-6 crawler excavators with an attachment support system for the easy fitting of different attachments.

Meanwhile, the latest ZW dash-6 wheel loader to be presented is the ZW180-6. It has been designed to provide exceptional all-round visibility thanks to its curved engine hood and repositioned exhaust pipe and air intake, as well as a standard rear-view camera and monitor. Easy to use and smooth to operate, it offers a high level of comfort and is said to be one of the quietest machines on the market.

With significant loading capacity, powerful digging force and impressive travel speeds, the machine is also extremely fuel-efficient. Its Stage IV-compliant engine contains a high-volume, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, a common-rail-type fuel-injection system and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). This helps to reduce fuel costs and maintenance requirements.

Burkhard Janssen, general manager of product management and engineering at HCME, said: ‘We are proud to introduce the latest phase of dash-6 machines to our customers. These models have been developed to perfection in Japan, using market-leading technology, to meet the needs of the European construction industry and offer the lowest possible cost of ownership.’


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