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Hillhead 2012: Finsight from Finning set to deliver huge savings

Finning Finsight

Finsight, an industry first monitoring service from Finning, will be in action at Hillhead 2012 on stand Z4

Finsight is the UK’s first total customer solutions service, developed by Finning, which is set to deliver huge savings for the industry.

Operated out of their Cannock headquarters, Finsight has been developed by Finning to tackle the complex issues surrounding technology, data analysis, servicing, training and plant optimisation. Finsight combines information from numerous services, like GPS data from the Caterpillar Product Link system, fluid analysis and service data, into one system.

Equipment and fleet data is then interpreted and turned into valuable information, which is managed by a trained team of Finsight specialist advisors, who proactively recommend actions to improve customer machine health and performance.  

Talking through the mechanics of Finsight, Lucy Couturier, Finsight manager said: ‘Increasingly customers have been asking Finning to do more to help them increase productivity and protect them against equipment downtime, especially in these challenging times. The problem the industry has faced is that customers have had solutions overload, with data coming from different systems or services that don’t talk to each other.

‘Ultimately this has led to confusion, waste and disappointment. It is for these reasons that we have created Finsight, to take a holistic 360 degree approach to equipment and fleet management. Over the last 6 months we have trained a team of experienced engineers to monitor, analyse and compare data from a variety of different sources including:

  • Downloads taken from directly from machines operating systems by engineers
  • Live satellite and GPS feeds from the Caterpillar Product and Vision link systems
  • Test results from Finning’s Fluid Analysis Lab
  • Historical date from past service and maintenance reports
  • Site condition information from Finning Product Support Representatives

‘This information and other customer specific data is then interpreted and used to identify potential faults and recommend solutions before they have an adverse effect on customer’s equipment. This in turn is used to actively manage the health and performance of an individual machine or fleet, ensuring uptime and reducing operational costs.

‘By combining this information with knowledge of the applications and operational issues, additional support can be offered to customers to enhance performance. A great example of this approach is the comparison of machine productivity from sites where operators have undergone our Eco-drive training and machines have had GET (ground engaging tools) matching to those that haven’t. Here we see a big difference in productivity, equipment utilisation and profit.’

Following on from the launch of Finsight, Finning has also developed two Finsight Support Agreements available on all Caterpillar equipment fitted with Product Link technology. In addition Finning is offering a Product Link hardware retrofit service dependent upon machine age and specification) to allow customers with older equipment in fleet to benefit from the new service.

For further information on Finsight visit For a video interview with Lucy Couturier detailing more information on Finsight visit


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