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Highways England Pavement Framework success for Eurovia

Eurovia Surfacing

Eurovia Surfacing appointed to Highways England Pavement Framework for South East and Midlands

EUROVIA Surfacing have been appointed on to the Highways England Pavement Framework after being named lead minor lot contractor for the South East and Midlands regions – covering more than a third of Highways England’s 6,880km network.

Eurovia Surfacing scored top marks for quality on both bids and will receive the larger share of work in the South East, where the potential four-year Framework value is up to £42 million, and the Midlands, where the potential four-year Framework value is up to £17 million.

There is also the potential for the work allocated to Eurovia Surfacing to grow from 60% in year one, during the life of the two Frameworks.

These Frameworks include services such as bituminous and concrete patching, pavement construction, footway surfacing and asphalt pavement machine surfacing.

The four-year contract, which starts this month (May 2018), will engage Eurovia Surfacing directly, but also Eurovia Contracting and Roadstone, through the North Kent Roadstone Joint Venture. Jean Lefebvre (JLUK) will also provide technical support to reinforce the quality and whole-life value assessments required to support the strategic highway network.

Eurovia Contracting’s regional director, Neil Huntington, who led the bid, said: ‘This contract win is a huge success for our business and strengthens our relationship with Highways England even further.

‘Eurovia will be key to helping Highways England deliver improvement to the strategic road network, as part of its Road Investment Strategy, as they deliver significant investment in new and renewed pavements.

‘If we perform well – and I am confident that we will – there is the potential for the work allocated to us to increase during the life of the Framework, as lead contractor for both regions.’

The appointment to the HE Pavement Framework is in addition to other Highways England contracts across the country including Eurovia Specialist Treatments and Jean Lefebvre UK Area 7 Construction Works Frameworks (CWF), Ringway Term Service South West Maintenance and Response (M&R) Contract, and South West Highway’s Construction Works Frameworks (CWF).

‘We take the responsibility that comes with supporting renewal of our strategic highway network incredibly seriously and are pleased to be continuing to work with Highways England to share our best practice and expertise to add value to their services,’ added Mr Huntington.

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