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High-visibility ZM indicators from Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery ZM303 weighing indicator

Avery Weigh-Tronix say their new range of ZM series weighing indicators are the first in the scale industry to use high-visibility display screen technology to make operation simpler and more accurate.

IBN technology provides high-contrast and enhanced viewing angles to draw the eye to the screen, even in poor lighting conditions, thereby helping to reduce operator error. One of the indicator models, the ZM303 series, also offers a TN LCD display that has dark digits against a green, lighter back-lit background to reduce operator fatigue.

For harsh operating environments or for heavy wash-down situations, the indicators can be supplied in an IP69K-rated stainless steel enclosure. These enclosures feature Gore-vent membrane technology which allows the indicator to ‘breath’ without sacrificing its IP69K rating. This overcomes the problem of trapped moisture inside the indicator, which is caused by the expansion and contraction of gases due to temperature changes. Other enclosures include a protective aluminium option or a stainless steel panel-mount version for control room applications.


Don Halbert, product manager for Avery Weigh-Tronix, said: ‘We have designed these indicators to meet the practical needs of industry. They are robust and durable but also help to solve a common issue of poor visibility leading to operator error.’

The ZM series is available in two models, the ZM301 and the ZM303, and eight variants. The ZM301 is a simple, basic weight-reading indicator. It has six operational keys including zero, print, units, tare, select and F1. Built-in operational routines and applications allow users to configure the device for their own needs.

The addition of a numeric keypad allows ZM303 users to store multiple tares and numeric IDs in its internal memory for easy retrieval. Keys for counting, check-weighing and process-control operations are also standard.

The new indicators capture weight data at a rate of 80 times per second and have multiple standard connectivity interfaces including Ethernet, two RS232 serial interface ports and USB ports. Analogue output, USB device, current loop, RS485/RS422 and wireless connectivity are also available as options.


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