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Grays Recycling Services choose Bruce for bespoke solution

New plant increases recyclable waste throughput and metal recovery for Irish operators

WHEN Bruce Engineering were approached by family-run Grays Recycling Services, the customer brief included: an increased throughput of recycled materials on site; eliminating the need for sorting operatives on the ground; increased metal recovery; and allow C&D, C&I and co-mingled (kerbside collected) wastes to be fed into the plant efficiently.

The brief was taken back to Bruce’s main factory and an initial CAD drawing was subsequently produced which (after several revisions to include both new requirements and minor changes in the orientation of the plant) was approved and a detailed costing finalized.

As part of Grays’ brief, another site visit had to be arranged so that the location and existing buildings/equipment could be accurately surveyed and measured. The site was plotted on Autocad and the proposed new plant was penciled in. This ensured that the dimension and quantities could be checked in real-time and the new plant would fit precisely once delivered and fully installed.
The whole project was designed in 3D with thousands of individual parts listed. Once the components were manufactured and pre-assembled, they were then painted or galvanized while ancillary items, such as motors, bearings and skirts, were fitted. All site installation, including electrical, was carried out by Bruce staff.

A spokesman for Grays Recycling Services said: ‘We are delighted with our new recycling plant and it has exceeded all our expectations. We are seeing an increase in throughput, sorting is now carried out in a ergonomically designed sorting house and the main waste reception building is being used for what it was originally intended.’

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