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Glynn’s Skips Ltd replaces entire mobile plant fleet with Caterpillar machines

London-based demolition and commercial waste handler replaces fleet with Caterpillar hydraulic excavators in a deal with Finning

Glynn’s Skips Ltd have replaced their machinery, investing in a fleet of Caterpillar machinery and equipment from Finning, including a Cat M318D wheeled excavator, a Cat 962H high-reach wheel loader, a Cat 312D excavator, a Cat 319D excavator and a Cat G315B grab worktool.

Commenting on Glynn’s Skips’ recent investment in the units and working with Finning, company director, Bert Glynn said: ‘A high volume of waste from the city of London is handled by Glynn’s Skips Ltd at their North London base on a daily basis, so every machine plays a vital role in order to keep to the tight schedule. Therefore performance and reliability of the equipment is critical to our operation.

‘We are always looking to make efficient savings and upgrade our fleet, so as a business it was beneficial to approach Finning to build up a fleet of Caterpillar machinery from their selection of plant equipment and worktools.’

Commenting on the deal, Martyn Dewey, regional salesperson for Finning, said: ‘Glynn’s Skips Ltd requires robust and reliable equipment that is able to withstand the rough treatment and hectic work schedule that comes with the job, while delivering top-end performance.’

‘To ensure that the possibility of the breakdown of the equipment is kept to an absolute minimum, Glynn’s Skips Ltd invested in a ‘Preventative Maintenance’ service contract from Finning, tracking the hours the equipment performs and scheduling services automatically which is ideal for the business, saving the company essential time and effort that can be spent elsewhere.

‘For the business to function efficiently Glynn’s Skips Ltd’s fleet needs to be run at its optimum level in order to keep production and uptime levels of the equipment at a maximum, due to the volume of work the business undertakes every day. This is achieved by interchanging machinery on a regular basis.

‘The Cat 962H wheel loader is a good example of this, saving the business between 50-75 litres of fuel per day compared to the machine it replaced, which in the current financial climate is great news for Glynn’s Skips Ltd.’

Bert Glynn, went on to say: ‘Caterpillar equipment’s residual value also plays an important role in the decision to make an investment in Caterpillar plant, as a business, Glynn’s Skips Ltd will be looking into upgrade its machinery when necessary.

‘On top of having the capacity to perform at the highest level, the Caterpillar equipment is able to do so while being inherently fuel efficient and reliable, keeping operating costs for those running the machines to a minimum.’

Martyn Dewey commented: ‘Glynn’s Skips Ltd began their working partnership with Finning with their investment in a Cat 962H mid-size wheel loader as a replacement machine. Since then Glynn’s Skips Ltd have invested in subsequent machines until the business had replaced its entire fleet, with the latest delivery of a Cat 319D excavator taking place in May.

‘Glynn’s Skips Ltd’s decision to invest in Caterpillar machinery through Finning is a testament to the robustness of the equipment, and to the ethos of Lastability. Through this deal we are hoping to maintain a relationship where we can stay close to Glynn’s Skips Ltd and advise them on the options Finning Caterpillar can offer when they are ready to replace or add to their fleet.’


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