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Giving conveyors the brush off

The effects of poor belt cleaning on conveyor system running costs are often underestimated. High maintenance costs may be incurred not only through frequent and additional necessary cleaning, involving a large number of man-hours, but also through system breakdowns. Off-track running and increased wear can cause unplanned stoppages and reduce the productivity of the overall conveying process. However, a belt-cleaning system such as the Remaclean product series from Rema Tip Top, with its effective cleaning performance, low maintenance and fast-change wear components, can provide an efficient, cost-effective solution in many applications.

From the variety of products in the company’s range, the Remaclean SGB conveyor belt brush offers an innovative solution for cleaning inclined chevron conveyor belts. In the past there was no effective solution for this task; beater rollers provided a slight cleaning effect but only with very dry, non-adhesive materials. The Remaclean SGB cleaning system on the other hand has a variety of product features, including an individually adjustable electrical drive motor geared to belt width, belt speed and height of the cleats, to deliver an optimum cleaning result. With a specially developed brush made from wear-resistant elastomer material of Remaline quality, any caked-on residual material between the cleats is stripped from the belt without touching the belt baseplate.

Concrete block manufacturers Marshalls Mono recently opted for the Remaclean SGB system on an 800mm wide conveyor belt that had previously proved notoriously difficult to clean. Only with costly and labour-intensive clean-up operations was it possible to run the plant. Caked-on fine material was causing significant wear to the rollers, drum coverings and belt, as well as leaving material deposits on the underside of the belt. However, the installation of Remaclean SGB provided a solution to these problems and, at the same time, extended the lifespan of the belt and reduced its running costs.

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