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GIC and Haith bag new orders from Kelkay

Haith mobile aggregate bagging system

Kelkay order two Haith mobile aggregate bagging systems featuring upgraded GIC packaging machines

GIC, the vertical form fill and seal machinery manufacturers, have this month supplied two brand new machines to Haith Group for use on their innovative mobile aggregate bagging systems.

The new GIC51000 machines will be installed in two systems that will be delivered to Kelkay Ltd next month.

The project is the first to use GIC’s new machines which feature the latest Allen Bradley servo drives and controller, SMC pneumatic components and an improved design for mechanical robustness. GIC have also redesigned the jaw motion and the added twin servo transport belts for improved levels of jaw and film control.

With demand for Kelkay’s decorative aggregates requiring increased bagging capacity, Richard Slade, group operations director, opted to continue the company’s relationship with Haith Group and ordered the two machines, both of which are capable of packing up to 1,000 bags an hour.


Haith designed their first mobile aggregate bagging System in 2010 in response to customers needing a system that could be moved from site to site and would negate the need for a costly fixed line to be installed. Over the last decade, Haith have sold 12 machines, with five of them in use at Kelkay’s Pollington site.

‘Our decorative aggregates are sold through garden centres across the UK and Ireland, and in recent times we’ve seen tremendous growth in sales, so need a way to keep up with demand. The Haith mobile aggregate bagging system is highly effective and reliable,’ said Mr Slade.

‘It is perfect for our needs and can be installed quickly and easily without the need for a crane, which is another bonus. The GIC packaging machine is also easy to use, reliable and both GIC and Haith offer excellent after-sales support, training and servicing.’

GIC’s machine sits at the heart of the Haith system. A feed conveyor connected to a ground hopper transfers the aggregate to the GIC5100 by dropping it through an opening in the roof of the mobile unit.

The aggregate falls into a metering conveyor which can be controlled by one of two systems. Using Haith’s innovative PLC control system and HMI screen, operators can select to use either a weigh hopper or volume to govern the amount of aggregate that is bagged.

The GIC5100 is equipped with a thermal printer so bags can be date stamped or barcoded as needed. The packaged aggregate is lifted from the final conveyor by Kawasaki CP180 high-speed palletizing robot.

Steve Haith, who oversees the Haith Group’s industrial operations and has had a long working relationship with GIC, said: ‘GIC’s packaging machines are the best we’ve found. They are quick, accurate and reliable. And with GIC being just down the road from us, it’s very easy for us to work together.’

‘Like the Haith Group, we place a lot of emphasis on innovating and regularly reviewing our machines to see how they can be enhanced,’ said Andy Beal, GIC’s managing director. ‘The GIC5000 was class-leading and worked extremely well within the Haith mobile aggregate bagging system, but by improving the drives, controls and the jaw motion, the new GIC5100 will be even better.’


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