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Further investment in Mannok Precast pays dividends

A more digital-focused production process has made Mannok Precast more energy efficient A more digital-focused production process has made Mannok Precast more energy efficient

Recent major investment results in greater energy efficiency and major savings in water usage

NEW energy-saving measures at Mannok Precast have already started to pay dividends with reduced LPG (liquified petroleum gas) and water usage recorded in the factory.

Mannok Precast has made a 20% saving on its usage of LPG over the opening four months of 2024, while the division’s energy-saving initiatives have also seen it make major savings in water usage of nearly 50% from 2022 figures.


A building management system, incorporated into an upgraded heating system, means that there is now a more digital-focused process in place in production which has provided the Precast team with greater control and, ultimately, made it more energy efficient.

The digital system was put in place to give the team more control over temperature and timings in the precast production process.

A manual process previously catered for the eight casting beds in the Mannok Precast factory, but the new system allows the team greater control to set the temperature for each of the eight beds individually and the ability to time them to switch on and off.

This new method has resulted in 20% LPG savings over the first four months of 2024 and could lead to up to 25% savings over the full year. Importantly, this reduction will give the precast division a projected carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) saving of 110.5 tonnes over the course of the year.

There has also been a huge saving in water usage with readings showing a peak demand reduction of up to 50% in the hollowcore factory since 2022.

Again, innovation has been key to many of the savings in the factory. A new pressurized system means that water wastage is limited while maintenance and upgrades to the heating system have all helped in this achievement.

These are the first steps on the journey to cost reduction for Mannok Precast and are part of major ongoing investment in the division.

Reducing waste, energy, and water usage are all targets laid out in the Mannok 2030 Vision, the company’s sustainability strategy, and the measures that are being implemented at Mannok Precast align with the goals set out in the ambitious strategy.

Future upgrades at Mannok Precast include plans for waste reduction and looking at further ways to become more efficient as the team aims for continual improvement in the way it operates.


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