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FTA announces new Rail Freight Council chair

Freight Transport Association

Lafarge Tarmac national rail manager to play a key role in ‘Agenda for More Freight by Rail’

MEMBERS of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) Rail Freight Council have elected John Carpenter, national rail manager of Lafarge Tarmac, as its new chairman.

In his new role, Mr Carpenter, who has formerly served as vice-chairman of the Council, will play a key part in taking forward the FTA’s Rail Freight Council’s ‘Agenda for More Freight by Rail’.

Commenting on his election, he said: ‘I am very pleased to have been elected chairman and aim to help build on the great work done by my predecessor Ken Russell. As demand to move freight by rail increases, the industry will have many challenges which the FTA will have a central role in facilitating. It is an honour to be part of this process.’

As part of FTA’s policy work on rail moving forwards, the ‘Agenda for More’ has been agreed by the Association’s Rail Freight Council and includes objectives of:

  • More flexible timetables and service versatility
  • Pooling of loads to create viable train loads
  • Continuous improvement to reduce costs and maintain competitiveness
  • More rail freight terminals.

Chris MacRae, FTA manager – rail freight policy, commented: ‘We are delighted to announce the election of John Carpenter as the new chairman of the FTA Rail Freight Council. This is an exciting time for our industry and we look forward to the challenges ahead. The FTA wants to work with shippers to expand the outputs necessary for increased retailer and shipper use of rail freight.’

In addition, Simon Polmear, transport strategy and development manager for Sainsbury’s, will become the new vice-chairman of the Council.

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