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Fortress Distribution add YULEYS shoe covers to their product range

YULEYS shoe cover

Fortress Distribution have introduced a re-usable shoe cover to their product range. YULEYS is said to be one of the simplest, easiest to use, hands-free, slip-on/slip-off safety footwear protectors and is now available in the UK and Ireland. 

Designed to conveniently and quickly fit over safety footwear, YULEYS enable construction workers, tradesmen and delivery drivers to enter clean environments without the need to remove their dirty footwear. 

An environmentally friendly and cost-conscious alternative to traditional disposable shoe covers, Fortress Distribution say that YULEYS can easily be cleaned with warm water for years of use. Users are free to walk naturally and comfortably reducing the risk of slips and falls that standard disposable shoe covers can cause. 

YULEYS footwear is a one-piece shoe cover made of flexible industrial-grade SEBS rubber and comes in a variety of sizes to fit the majority of work shoes and boots.

Founded in 2012, Fortress Distribution are growing rapidly through their partnership with Black Mamba Gloves and Accessories and are looking forward to capitalizing on their success by introducing additional innovative brands to their safety and workwear portfolio. 

Alan Matthews, director at Fortress Distribution, said: 'We are really excited to be partnering with YULEYS Protective Footwear to bring this unique product to the UK and Ireland. There is a real gap in the market for the solution that YULEYS provide and we can see a tremendous opportunity for this product.' 

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