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FM Conway introduce state-of-the-art flooring screeds

FM Conway

Company expands materials offer to service growing demand from the residential sector

INFRASTRUCTURE services specialists FM Conway are expanding their materials portfolio to include the supply of state-of-the-art flooring screeds, to service growing demand from the residential sector across London and the South East.

The company has formed a partnership with screeds experts Gypsol, a subsidiary of Francis Flower, for the ongoing supply of anhydrite screed binders, which will be used to manufacture FM Conway’s new flowing screed products.

Thanks to their self-levelling and self-compacting properties, the company’s flowing screeds can be laid more than 10 times faster than traditional sand and cement-based products and are capable of receiving foot traffic within 48 hours.

Moreover, FM Conway’s screed products have been specially developed to promote resource efficiency and help customers to reduce the carbon footprint of projects. By reusing anhydrite – a by-product of the chemical manufacturing industry – and diverting this waste away from landfill, the material has nearly 10 times less embodied carbon than sand and cement-based alternative products.

The screeds will be delivered to contractors using the company’s fleet of volumetric mixer vehicles, allowing the material to be mixed on site, negating the need for storage and ensuring that products are delivered at their optimum moisture content at the point of discharge, depending on the project requirements.

Tim Metcalf, aggregate and asphalt divisional director at FM Conway, commented: ‘The ongoing expansion of FM Conway’s wider materials portfolio, which also includes concrete and recycled asphalt, strengthens our ability to meet London and the South East’s infrastructure and building needs.

‘It supports us in our broader aim to self-deliver materials and services wherever possible. By using our own in-house teams, vehicles, equipment and materials, we can provide a reliable and cost-effective service for our customers and supply chain partners.’

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