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FM Conway acquire United Asphalt

FM Conway acquire United Asphalt

Another acquisition as company continues to build asphalt production capacity across southern England

INFRASTRUCTURE services company FM Conway Ltd have acquired United Asphalt, independent producers of asphalt and macadam, from Ross and Lisa Snape for an undisclosed sum.

United Asphalt employ 32 staff and operate two asphalt plants, one at Theale, in Berkshire, which is a mainly delivered plant, and the other in Croydon, South London, which has been highly successful in the collect trade.

The Theale plant is rail fed and completes FM Conway’s aspirations of having a rail facility to the west of London, as well as providing cover further west along the M4 corridor, while the Croydon plant gives the company better coverage to the south of London. Both plants have 24-hour operations and are relatively new.

The acquisition also includes a recycling depot at Colthrop, in Berkshire, some seven miles from Theale. The locations of Colthrop and Theale complement FM Conway’s recent acquisition of Berkshire Macadam and provide a stepping-stone into the south-west of England.

FM Conway’s chief executive officer, Michael Conway, said: ‘This is an extremely exciting acquisition which supports our self-delivery model and puts us into an excellent position to provide high-quality products on demand for our customers on both the strategic and local road networks.

‘The new plants provide a much wider market spread for all divisions within our organization, supporting both our existing contracts and future projects. The Croydon plant will support our delivery within and to the south of London, while Theale, together with our recently acquired Reading plant, now gives us excellent access to the M4 corridor and to the south-west of England.’

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